Blog-tember Wrap Up

Dear Friends. I did NOT complete the challenge issued, despite best plans and efforts life right now had just a little too much going on. So here is my wrap up, my piece of advice to a large group:

Prioritize. Prioritize what you love. Prioritize your health. Prioritize what you want to grow in. Prioritize…

This month I am learning that if there are no clear priorities, I don’t seem to get much done. I am learning, slowly, that I need to list things out that need to be done. That I work best with a schedule, and when I don’t I end up not doing the things that I appreciate the most. So, dear friends, this is my confession to you: I need to work on prioritizing. And my advice is for you to do the same.

So cheers! To change. To Autumn. To prioritizing.

Happy Fall!


My 6 Favorite Instagrammers!


A N J U L I {@lovealways.anjuli}

An amazing glimpse into a life filled with grace, honest and messy living, and beautiful words of encouragement.


A n n i e {@anniedemm}

Annie is a such a beautiful and compassionate soul. I have had the priveledge of getting to exchange a few emails with her and she is absolutely amazing. She’s a grace dweller, a beauty seeker, a value liver, and an overall wonderful person to follow!


H a n n a h {@hannahkatherinew}

I’ve been following Hannah for a while now, and I love her style. She’s a beautiful photographer, an honest woman, and a lover of food and beauty. What’s not to love?!


K i n d r e d   C o l l e c t i v e   {@kindredcollectivephoto}

If you love adventure weddings, amazing photography, and descriptions that make your soul soar – this blog is for you. I happen to know one of the amazing photographers and she is an amazing woman. If you’re looking for a photographer, look no further!


L y d i a  {@lydtothejar}

I know this wonderful woman from college. She’s a maker, a creator, a lover of beauty, and a fellow deep feeler of the world. Following her honest and beautiful life is a joy in mine.


D a n a   S c h u l t z  {@minimalistbaker}

YUM! This blogger is amazing. Delicious mostly plant based and Gluten Free foodie. If you’re looking to branch out in your cooking, follow her! If the pictures don’t inspire you to cook yummy food I don’t know what will!

Where in the world?

Oh how I love to travel. I love the cultures, the languages, the history! I love growing with each new place I visit. I love the feel of foreign stone under my feet. Lately my heart has been yearning for Germany. I have a few friends living there right now and their pictures stir a Wanderlust to walk the same streets…


My Little Home

Dear Friends, please bear with me as I show you a little bit of my home! I don’t have many pictures of it clean so here are the few. Here in our little home the books and tea are plentiful, the succulents are happy, and the dishes are almost never done. There is art on the walls, soup on the stove, and a giant dog laying exactly wherever you want to step. This little home isn’t mine forever, but it’s mine for now.


It is an honor to live here in Burlington while I can. This beautiful sweet city has been a growing point from the start. It held so much for me. From my first apartment as and adult, my first full time job, my beautiful wedding, and my first pet all my own (my Watson – the small polar bear). This little home is the first house Jake and I picked together. This is our wonderful little house.


5 things that bring be JOY

  1. Flowers. It has been the biggest joy to have a farm share // CSA that allows me to pick a fresh bouquet of flowers every week. I cannot tell you the joy it brings. And my little potted plant garden. I love it! My succulents and african violets are still alive! (let’s just not talk about the lavender plant though okay?)
  2. My puppy. His goofy love to me is amazing. His cuddles. His gentleness even though he’s a giant. His precious way of sleeping on his back propped up against the couch. This pup is, by far, one of the greatest joys – and definitely brings some of the heartiest laughs.
  3. My library card. Books bring me the greatest joy. They’re like travels, communities, and an education all in one. I love the feel of a book in my hands. I love talking about books with friends (or strangers who happen upon me in a book store). Books have always been my safe harbor, and library cards are the best budget friendly way to find more!
  4. Rain. I feel like some of the best things in my life have had rain. Rain has always symbolized growth, comfort, and reminders of love. Rain brings renewal in my life. I love the smell, the feel of a cool rain on hot summer days. The giant puddles to splash in come spring. The blustery days of fall that push people towards community events inside. The way a storm reminds me how small I am; humbling. I love the rain.
  5. Travel. New places, new experiences, new cultures, and new perspectives. Rain is what renews me, books are what comfort, and travel is what brings me growth. There is no way I could see a new place and not be changed. Each new city I have encountered has taught me a different lesson. Each one I am so thankful for…

A memorable birthday…

This one.

My 24th Birthday.

The birthday of a Ramen noodle party.


The first birthday I had accepted that I wouldn’t see my family, I would spend it where I lived with friends and with my husband. The birthday where my husband surprised me by calling me out of work and driving me home to what would become an amazing birthday weekend with my family. I had beach days with my parents, brunch with my brother, and a spectacular surprise day in NYC. My love spoiled me with Aladdin on broadway, an amazing dinner at ABC Kitchen, and a perfect day to walk around one of my favorite cities.