Summer Favorites!

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  1. This is the scent of my summer. I love everything about this candle! The cute way it sits there on the shelf and the amazing smell when I light it!
  2. Ben Rector is the sound of my summer. I actually rode 45 minutes to work one day listening to only to Fear. If you haven’t listened to his CD Brand New, I highly suggest you give it a try! (and if you don’t like it, be VERY thankful you don’t have to drive somewhere with me!)
  3. This day bag is the best summer purchase I made! I love that it’s handmade in the town I lived in for a year in VT before Burlington. I love the french ticking inside. I love how light it is, how it fits everything I need for a day (including my laptop), and how chic it is on my shoulder. LOVE. THIS. BAG.
  4. Making Ramen. This delicious adult version of noodles and broth can be made an uncountable amount of ways! I don’t have a recipe to write down yet because I keep throwing in fridge leftovers. It’s the perfect “use all the veggies in the fridge” meal. I eat it for more meals in a week than I want to admit…
  5. If you like Ginger and not sicky-sweet sodas this is the drink for you. Go get it!
  6. I am constantly on the search for an organic and natural ingredient deodorant that doesn’t irritate my skin and actually works when its 90 with 90% humidity outside. And this worked! It saved me from a smelly summer, and I will be eternally grateful!
  7. I discovered this GEM of a shop in Burlington this summer. I love that everything is American made (most things by hand). I love to know what I am supporting when I buy things for others or myself, and this store has a story for every item in it! If you’re in Burlington check it out!
  8. This little succulent is absolutely my favorite. And the lovely farmers market that I got it from (and keep getting one from weekly… oops!) is the best! Again, if you’re in Burlington, GO!
  9. My farm share. The community is amazing, the organic produce is amazing, and the bouquet of flowers I can pick each week are the brightest part of my kitchen!


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