Blog-tember Wrap Up

Dear Friends. I did NOT complete the challenge issued, despite best plans and efforts life right now had just a little too much going on. So here is my wrap up, my piece of advice to a large group:

Prioritize. Prioritize what you love. Prioritize your health. Prioritize what you want to grow in. Prioritize…

This month I am learning that if there are no clear priorities, I don’t seem to get much done. I am learning, slowly, that I need to list things out that need to be done. That I work best with a schedule, and when I don’t I end up not doing the things that I appreciate the most. So, dear friends, this is my confession to you: I need to work on prioritizing. And my advice is for you to do the same.

So cheers! To change. To Autumn. To prioritizing.

Happy Fall!


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