What’s your type?

It’s been a while since I posted something, and I’m back to writing to rave about a good book! What else is new?

I was recently selected to be a part of a launch team for Anne Bogel’s new book Reading People! I love pretty much everything Anne does from her blog to her podcast to all of her amazing book recommendations. I was especially touched by her list of “25 Books to Read When the World Feels Like it’s Falling Apart.” (Personal choice from the list: A Wrinkle in Time)


I not only love the amazing author, I also love the content! Reading People is a beautifully written and succinct introduction to a variety of personality tests, types, and descriptions. I have always been drawn to understand myself deeply, and have always felt learning more about my personality helps me better relate to others. Anne has a wonderful way of explaining that by knowing how people can be different from ourselves we are able to relate to them with deeper empathy.

“Personality insights can be like this. One key piece of information shifts our whole paradigm – and the world suddenly makes a lot more sense.” Anne Bogel

The book goes over:

Introverts & Extroverts
Highly Sensitive People
Love Languages
Keirsey’s Temperaments”
Myers-Briggs Types
Cognitive Functions


“The first step toward reading yourself and others is to take an unflinching look at who you truly are.” Anne Bogel

Through reading I discovered I am:

Highly Sensitive
Feel most loved with affirmation and quality time
Guardian (Concrete Cooperative)
Still figuring out cognitive functions…
My top five strengths are:
Connectedness, Learner, Intellection, Developer and Input.
I think I need to read a whole book on Enneagram before I really get which one fits best.

If studies confuse or overwhelm you but you like personality typing, this is the book for you! I also love that throughout the book Anne continually emphasizes that that personalities don’t define us, they allow us to know better how to grow. These typings are not labels, they are tools. I found this to be especially true for myself as I read through the chapter on Highly Sensitive People. In college I had read the book The Highly Sensitive Child for a psychology class and it changed the way I see children who are easily overwhelmed, but I never thought about myself while reading it.


When I took the suggested HSP quiz I realized I hit 22/26 markers for a Highly Sensitive Person! “No way!” I exclaimed, “This can’t be me!” Yet the more I read the more I understood about myself and how I relate to friends and to Jake. The tools Anne provided in that chapter have already positively affected my life! Changing a few simple routines allowed me to simplify and I have been significantly less overwhelmed by things lately.

There really was no downside to this book for me! I loved the insights, the witty humor, the honest reflection, and the wonderful tools provided for those who get to know themselves and others.


If you’re thinking of buying it, snag the preorder now! It’s under $10 here and here, the book is gorgeous, and the preorder bonus’ are amazing! A FREE download of the audiobook (read by the author herself) and access to Anne’s online “What is your reading personality?” class! Oh, and don’t forget to check out this fun quiz to see what your reading personality is!

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