A Little About Me

You can call me Grace. Im the kind of girl who uses her library card more than anything else in her wallet. Most of what I say is secretly a quote (usually from a disney movie). I dance in my kitchen, possibly more than I cook in it. I am seriously in love with my husband. Books are not just a hobby to me, they are a lifeline. I believe in celebrating life, and all those silly little holidays like national pancake day. The sound of the ocean is a balm to my soul. If I could meet three people who have died it would be: Mr. Rodgers, Mother Teresa, and Catherine the Great. For me, Autumn is not just a season, but a three month long holiday to be celebrated. I believe in grace, miracles, hope, and the love of Jesus.

I have a been a student, an librarian’s assistant, a daycare worker, a nanny, a Professional Governess, a Newborn Care Specialist, and an Early Childhood Educator. The one thing they all have in common: a love of treating people with dignity, grace, and as my neighbor.

This blog is a collections of my musings in life. Welcome! It’s great to have you here with me…

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