Nanny on Vacation



Well, after months of working straight through, it was time for a break. And this particular break was especially special! My parents decided it was time to take the whole family on a vacation. So we packed our bags and road tripped down to Florida for a family vacation. My man (I’ll call him J) even joined us half way through vacation to complete my view of the perfect family vacation! We stayed right on Tampa Bay and enjoyed the beauty of every sunset!

sunset 2

The days were filled with relaxing by pools, adventuring to zoos, Sea World, and even braving Star Wars Weekend at Disney! Every second was worth the road trip. My favorite moments were watching my mom feed a sting ray for the first time, feeding Dolphins at Sea World, and laughing with my family watching Second Hand Lions (if you have never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. It’s a great laugh!)


This vacation was truly a breath of fresh air. In the day-to-day life my family doesn’t have the time to connect in the same way that we can when we relax together. It was a wonderful way to begin the summer… and not just because I got a tan!

sunset 1

Welcome to a new season!

Flip flops and maxi dresses here I come…